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Writing Society


Sonia - 6M

Beaches of rock and beaches of sand,

They mark the end of our kingdom of land.

And as we go past our earthy home,

All we do is stare, into the unknown.


Beaches of sand and a cliff of hard clay,

He sleeps through the night and sleeps through the day.

He sleeps through tidal waves and sleeps through storms,

But he's always there to see, the first lights of dawn.


A cliff of hard clay and explorers' boats,

Sometimes they flood but they always float.

Hope clings on to the mast of the ship,

Through every large wave and every large dip.


Explorers' boats and sticky mudflats,

The waves are dancing like acrobats.

As the tide comes in and all is washed away,

There's no room for the errors of yesterday.


Sticky mudflats and shingle beaches,

Intricate shells, far as the sea reaches.

Beautifully patterned, the shells have no flaws,

But we always find ourselves asking for more.


Shingle beaches and caves in a cliff face,

They're eroded, at an alarming pace.

So this is the key to true happiness:

Not having the most, but having... less.


Caves in a cliff face and a stack in the sea,

He's all alone out there, just like you and me.

One day another boulder will find him out there,

But for now we must believe, and to dream we must dare.


A stack in the sea and beaches of rock,

The prime destination for a seagull flock.

They're not by the waves, or a stormy attack,

Because they know that their beach has always got their backs.

Writing Society of 2021-22

With the turning of the autumn leaves, arrives a fresh team of young writers. Enthusiastic, vibrant and curious, they will aim to nurture their creativity and spill onto pages their imagination and knowledge to share with an audience that awaits.



Dates for the Diary


Spring 2022

- World Book Day is on Thursday 3rd March 2022

- BBC Radio 2s 500 Words Competition




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