School Logo

Lowe’s Wong Anglican

Methodist Junior School

Everyone at Lowe’s Wong Junior School is expected to take responsibility for their learning and to respect themselves and others


Who's Who

Staff effective September 2021


Headteacher:                                     Mr M Follen


Deputy Headteacher:                        Mr T Buckley

SENCO:                                              Miss L Richmond      


Year 3 :      3C     Mrs Corah

                   3B    Mrs Bell

                   3F    Miss Ford


Year 4:       4SP   Mrs Spencer

                  4HS   Mrs Hilton, Mrs Ellis

                  4R     Mrs Richmond


Year 5:      5L     Mr Luetkemeier

                  5SH  Mrs Lynn Smith, Mrs Harvey

                  5W   Mrs Walker


Year 6:       6B    Mr Buckley

                   6R   Mr Radford

                   6D   Mrs Davis

                   6M   Mrs Mead


Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Turpin, Mrs Brown, Mrs Birch, Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Smith, Mr Ward, Mrs Wilmot, Mrs Wagstaff, Mrs Hall


Care Assistants:                                  Mrs C Hall


Office Manager:                                   Mrs S Day  

Finance Admin:                                   Miss P Sifleet (Mon to Wed)

Receptionist:                                       Mrs M Short (Mon to Thurs)


Reprographics Assistant:                  Mrs J Smith



Cook:                                                   Mrs S Davies-Palmer

Caretaker:                                           Mr S Matthews