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Lowe’s Wong Anglican

Methodist Junior School

Everyone at Lowe’s Wong Junior School is expected to take responsibility for their learning and to respect themselves and others



All children bring with them ideas and a natural curiosity about the way the world around them works.  At Lowe’s Wong we value these and provide an opportunity for children to share their ideas and to explore and develop scientific concepts through an investigative approach.  Practical sessions are built into the Schemes of Work which encourage and emphasise the importance of inquisitive questioning by pupils and activities are aimed at developing problem-solving strategies.  The school has developed a wide range of opportunities for children to cover the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the world and each year group builds upon the children’s previous experiences and develops concepts and skills at a higher level.


Science is about ‘our world’ and wherever possible, opportunities for children to experience scientific ideas first-hand are provided through the use of ICT, the school grounds, trips and specialist visitors.


Our Subject Leader for Science is Mrs Mead.