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Everyone at Lowe’s Wong Junior School is expected to take responsibility for their learning and to respect themselves and others


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Pupil Council
The main aim of the Pupil Council is to help to make our school a better place for the children and to give us an opportunity to have our opinions and ideas heard.  Each class has two representatives who are elected for half of the academic year.  After February half-term, new representatives are chosen.

At the first meeting, the important roles and jobs are selected and Mr Buckley helps us to conduct our meetings.  Mrs Powell, the Pupil Council Governor, also attends our meetings. 

The class representatives tell the children in their classes what has been discussed at each meeting and the children can ask the representatives to take forward their ideas to the next meeting.


Everybody gets a fair say in the meeting and nobody gets left out.


Pupil Led School Initiative Groups
Currently, we are working with pupils to develop their ideas to improve key improvement areas of our work - in particular we are currently setting up a new  group, who are working to raise the profile of how maths concepts are taught in school. They will endeavour to post on our school website a series of videos so parents can further support their children at home.  Great work!


Children are also consulted regarding other key issues in school, such school meals, fundraising issues and curriculum support. 


Pupil Questionnaire

Below, we will post the results of any Pupil Council questionnaires.


Cake Sale for Luekaemia - April 2019


Pupil Council organised a non-uniform day and cake sale to help raise money to help Luekaemia research.  The council reps baked, bought and decorate a range of fantastic cakes that would have looked great in the 'Bake Off' tent.  I'm sure Prue and Paul would have love them!


Along with the money from the non-uniform day, the Pupil Council managed to raise over £500.  Well done, children!  A big thanks also to all the parents that supported this event. 

School Council Visit to County Hall – Friday 1st March 2019

By Bethany Segasby


On Friday 1st March Lowe’s Wong school council members visited County Hall in West Bridgford. After a short coach journey we arrived at County Hall and outside was a statue

of two men that represented the people working in the mines.

We were met by a kind lady who was the chairman’s assistant and she took us to have a delicious buffet lunch. Whilst we were enjoying our lunch we discussed the groups of the council and what the council did. The council have different groups; one deals with money – they spent £50 million a year, one group is for schools and education, another group is for hospitals and health care.

After lunch we met the Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council – Mrs Sue Saddington -  who wore a big gold chain around her neck with a big green ‘N’ in the middle. She took us to the debating room and on the way there was a line of photographs of past chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council. We all sat down in the debating room and spoke about what skills you needed to be a good councillor. We decided that you needed to be thoughtful and considerate, also to stand up for what you believe in. Then we spoke about how a debate takes place, including who sits where in the debating room. The chairman would sit at the front in the middle seat and keep everyone in order, whilst there would be two people at the side of the debate room. One person who takes notes about what everyone said and the other person would listen to what people were saying to make sure that they were being fair.

Then someone noticed a coat of arms above where the chairman sat. The coat of arms was given to the council on the 19th July 1937. We learnt that every symbol on it  represented a part of Nottinghamshire. On it in Latin it says ‘SAPIENTER PROFICIENS' which means ‘Progress with wisdom’. We also discussed how people debate. You put your hand up when you want to speak and then keep your comments brief but clear. After this we had our own debate about whether we should have a long 6 week summer holiday or a shorter break with more terms.

After that the chairman very kindly gave us a mad professor pen and a certificate to say that we had taken an active part in a debate at County Hall. Finally we had another debate about homework. Whether we should have less, the same or more homework and what our opinions were on homework. Some children, including me, thought we had enough homework but we should build up more gradually to the Minster, as it seems to be a sudden change in the amount of homework from Year 6 to the Minster.

We took another short bus ride back to school in time for assembly. We had a great time and I learnt a lot about being a councillor.

By Bethany Segasby – 5F



On Friday 10th November, the Pupil Council were lucky enough to visit the Houses Of Parliament.  We all had an amazing day and all learnt a great deal.  We visited a range of rooms (House of Commons, House of Lords, the Queens robing room, Westminster Hall) during the tour.  We had two fantastic tour guides that shared a range of facts and stories.  We learnt a lot of facts both about the history of Parliament and how democracy works on a grand scale. 


We hope that you enjoy browsing through our photos as much as we enjoyed the visit!


Mr Buckley.

The photos..........



Throughout July, Pupil Council helped Mrs Hazard to improve our school meals.  Firstly, had discussed the balance of various meals and then helped choose a 3 week menu with a range of healthy and delicious food choices.


Then we had a very exciting meeting - where we got to taste-test a range of the new menu!  The food was delicious. 


During the Autumn Term 2017, we plan to deliver a questionnaire to find out if the children are enjoying the new menu.

Food Testing the new school menu........July 2017

Pupil Council visit to The Houses Of Parliament

AUTUMN TERM 2015 - Council Minutes