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Everyone at Lowe’s Wong Junior School is expected to take responsibility for their learning and to respect themselves and others


School Clubs


Our extra-curricular clubs were cancelled due to Covid-19 issues.  We are now beginning to reintroduce clubs and activities and the children will be told about these as they restart.


Current Extra-Curricular Activities

As a school we traditionally aim to offer a range of extra-curricular activities. As you will be aware, staff offer to run activities on a purely voluntary basis and in order to offer a broad range, some activities are provided by external providers which incurs a charge – these activities are * below.  Our pre-covid provision is listed below as an example of what we are hoping to re-establish soon:



8am to 8.45am       Tennis for Year 3 & 4 *

Lunchtime              Christian Club open to all

3:30pm                   Gym* and/or Street Dance*



Lunchtime               Athletics

3:30pm                    3rd Space Learning (Maths) -Year 5 invitation only        



Lunchtime              Gardening - Year 5 & 6

3:30pm                   3rd Space Learning (Maths) - Year 6 invitation only

3:30pm                   Gym* and/or Street Dance*



Lunchtime              Choir open to all



Lunctime                 Writing Society

3.30pm                   Judo* open to all

3.30pm                   Hockey Club 


Football, Hi-Five, Running Club practices occur in lunchtime and after school at various times throughout the term ready for competitions.


*clubs and activities that are provided by external groups and incur a charge