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History and Geography

These subjects are taught in a cross-curricular way ensuring both historical and geographical skills and knowledge is taught.  We encourage the children’s interest in the local and wider environment and to this end, we include studies of the locality and links with our European and global neighbours.


Residentials in Years 3 to Castleton and in Year 6 to Whitby strongly support teaching in both History and Geography.


Mrs Hilton is our Subject Leader for History

Mrs Richmond is our Subject Leader for Geography.

History Coverage



Year 3



Tribal Tales and Tremors

Incorporating the Stone Age and the Romans



Year 4



Pharoahs, Traders and Raiders

Incorporating The Egyptians, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings



Year 5



Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

Incorporating 14th Century England study,


Year 6



A Child's War

Incorporating The Second World War



Geography Coverage


Year 3



Tremors, Tribal Tales

Incorporating Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Using maps and aerial images - human and physical geography


Year 3 residential to Castleton supports geographical work in school around human and physical geographical features caused by historical events.


Year 4



Pharoahs, Traders and Raiders

Incorporating human and physical features of Egypt incl. The River Nile and tourism.  Using maps, settlements and Europe




Year 5




Incorporating land use, food origin, geographical skills and fieldwork, map work, climate.



Year 6



Darwin's Delights, Frozen Kingdom, A Child's War, ID

Incorporating using maps, geographical similarities and differences.  Features of Polar Regions.  Human geography, cities of the UK and Europe.  Local Community/Where I live.

Year 6  residential to Whitby incorporates work on Darwin's Delights and ID to compare and contrast our area with a coastal region.