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Everyone at Lowe’s Wong Junior School is expected to take responsibility for their learning and to respect themselves and others



English is taught daily with a focus on reading and writing. Guided reading sessions ensure that pupils engage in quality text that expand their understanding. English is linked with other curriculum areas and time is taken to deliver creative lessons that inspire pupils' interest in the subject.  Tasks are differentiated within the lesson and children work within groups of those with similar ability, having ‘Writing places’ so they benefit from studying with their intellectual peers.  We continue to extend the provision of reading material through our own fund-raising efforts.


We believe that good communication skills are of importance to our children, so seek every opportunity to involve our children in speaking and listening activities.  Drama is taught as a distinct subject, planned to support and enrich current curriculum work.  Weekly Drama sessions support English by encouraging ideas and building vocabulary; by giving opportunities to experience and express feelings and by developing their “writing voice”.


Pupils are taught a variety of ways, including phonics, to establish spelling patterns and rules. By Year 6, or before, they are able to select the method which suits them best. The teaching of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling is progressive and is taught either within the English lessons or as a separate SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lesson if it is more appropriate. We use a recommended whole school scheme to develop pupils' understanding and to meet current requirements for teaching grammar. The school promotes an agreed style of handwriting and children are encouraged to write in joined script straightaway. Parents are asked to support their children in the practising of these strategies at home.


Our Subject Leader for English is Mr Radford, with Miss Higgins coordinating SPAG.


Here is a selection of websites to support your child with their spellings: - games to practice spelling and reading for year 3 children - this site is based around spelling regular and irregular verbs - a range of spelling games suitable for lower KS2 - explores the spellings of homophones - explores different letter patterns and rules - syllables games - Spellits games which give tricks to learn spelling patterns - a huge range of games and activities for all ages - a huge range of games and activites for all ages - a huge range of games and activities for all ages - games which are suitable for lower KS2 - a huge range of games and activites for all ages


Spelling Apps for iphone and ipad. These websites will give you a list of games to search for:

Grammar - A Parents' Guide. A VERY USEFUL RESOURCE!