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E-Safety is very important.



National e-safety day - Tuesday 9th February 2019

'Together for a better internet."


Follow these links for ideas on how to be safe when using the internet.


New links :


Parent and carers -

Children -



Do you know how to behave sensibly when you are using the internet and when you are playing on-line games with your friends?


Do you know how to keep yourself safe?


Do you know what cyber bullying means?


Would you know what to do if a friend of yours said they were getting mean text messages on their mobile phone or that someone had posted an unkind photo of them on a social media site?


The answer?


Talk to someone, ask for help.


You should talk to someone you trust - a parent or carer

                                                               - an older brother or sister

                                                               - a teacher at school


At Lowe's Wong Junior School you can talk to Mr Follen, the teachers and the teaching assistants. We will help you.



You can also report any problems or concerns to CEOP. Click the image below.






Useful websites.


Useful articles


Online Safety Guide for Parents