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Design and Technology

In Design and Technology, children consider practical, real-life problems and resolve these through a ‘plan, do and review’ approach.  Working together, they have the opportunity to use a wide variety of materials and equipment as they collaborate on initial planning, testing and trialling their ideas, evaluating their designs and agreeing on the final answer to the challenge posed.


Each year a Science and Technology Challenge is open to all children, and year groups are invited to the exciting final heats of this popular competition.


Mrs Smart is our Subject Leader for Design and Technology.

                                                      Design and Technology Projects


Year 3


Building shelters, building catapults for battle

Healthy Snacks

 Predator collage

Year 4 Making bath bombs Anglo-Saxon Houses

Making wearable digestive systems

Year 5


Making Moon Rovers


Cam mechanisms

Moving toys

Designing and making water collectors

Year 6


3D Floral Design


Design and make a shelter

Make-Do and Mend project