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Art and craft is an integral part of the school’s life and learning.  Children’s creativity and imagination is developed by building on their knowledge, skills and understanding of materials and processes.  We feel that it is important that in addition to learning about recognised artists and their work, children should be able to express their creativity, ideas and feelings through art.  Art enhances and deepens understanding of other areas of learning too. 


We place a high value on the work produced by children and there are usually many attractive displays of artwork around the school and grounds.  Currently our hall displays reflect a History Timeline project led by Mrs Smith.


Mrs Smith is our Subject Leader for Art, Design and Technology.


Art is often linked to topic work and may include the following themes:

Year 3

Introduction to sketch books

Investigating line and pattern

Block printing activity

Investigating colour and colour mixing

Painting – Starting from Lowry

 3D sculpture

(Linked to D&T)

Year 4

Looking at Holbein’s portrait of Henry V111

Tudor Portraits using mixed media

Egyptian art

Working with clay

Aboriginal Art

Printing activity

Year 5

Looking at the work of Cezanne

Observational drawings of fruit

Still life group in pastels

Containers – Greek pots

Fabric design – African Mud Cloth

Large scale paintings of Victorian children

Year 6

A Fresh Look at Flowers

Observational drawings of flowers

Collage activity

Christmas floral art

Looking at the work of Picasso

Abstract portraits

Mod Roc sculptures

Water colours – working in the style of Monet